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3D Interior Rendering

When it comes to buying or renovating a property, it can be challenging for potential buyers to visualize the full potential of a space. We offer 3D Interior Rendering services specializing in creating photo-real visualizations that bring your property to life. By providing your customers with a clear and compelling vision of what their space can become, you'll be able to sell your property faster and at a higher price point. Let us help you showcase your property in the best possible light.


How does it work?

At Blinqlab Direct, we offer 3D Interior visualization using cutting-edge technology to create stunning renders that bring your property to life. We build a 3D model of the room based on your sketch or photo and render in your style. Our visualizers work on the viewpoint, lighting, and materials to create a truly immersive experience. We deliver high-quality JPG file that you can use on your website, real estate portals, or in your brochure.

Our 3D visualizations are the perfect way to showcase your property and help buyers visualize the possibilities. Choose Blinqlab Direct for your next interior impressions.

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Made to measure

Need a personalized touch?

We can tailor the images to your requirements, whether it’s your own interior design or moodboards. Simply fill in the form below and request a quote today.

Check out our 3D Floor Plans
attic old wooden beam before an after interior visualization of rooms with stair and sofa

How does 3D Interior design service work?

Your design process has never been as easy or as efficient as this

Step 1



Determine the viewport (s). Take a photo of that viewport or make a sketch of the room.

Step 2


Scan & Upload

Upload the photo or sketch 24/7 in our web shop and choose between the styles modern, classic or rural.

Step 3



We build the model, render the image and send it to you within 5 working days. 

Step 4


Ready to use

You will receive a JPG, PDF, and an interactive URL for your brochures, website and real estate portals.

BLINQLAB 3D Interior Rendering Service

Our advanced technology and personalized service bring your interior design ideas to life. Whether it’s for homes, offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, entertainment spaces, or exhibitions, Blinqlab Direct is your trusted partner for realistic 3D visuals.

We deliver powerful marketing tools, creating immersive visuals that enhance your property’s appeal. Take advantage of our unique features, customer-friendly approach, and dedication to excellence.

At Blinqlab Direct, we turn your visions into a reality. Precisely working on every detail and demonstrating your personal style!

We provide 3D interior rendering services to a wide range of industries:

Residential Interior Rendering

Rendering creates a visual depiction of interior spaces in a house. This allows homeowners and designers to get a photorealistic impression of the final look of different spaces. It serves as an essential tool for communicating ideas and decision-making between architects, stylists, and other professionals and their clients.

Commercial Interior Rendering

Commercial interior rendering involves creating realistic representations of commercial spaces like malls, individual shops, and office spaces. It is mostly used for designing, marketing, and presentation purposes. A commercial render facilitates visualization, communication, and decision-making.

Hospitality Interior Rendering

Hospitality interior rendering requires creativity, intricacy, and proficiency. These visuals are mostly used in marketing, exploration, interaction, and decision-making. Let us portray your hotel, bar, restaurant, and more.

Healthcare Interior Rendering

Healthcare interior rendering is a vital tool that creates a visual of interior space within healthcare facilities. Our renders help hospitals, clinics, labs, and dental offices to showcase their plans. They serve as a valuable tool that facilitates communication and marketing.

Educational Interior Rendering

Educational interior renderings are often used as a tool for presentation, communication, marketing, and planning. It showcases the interiors of educational spaces like schools, universities, colleges, halls, and others.

Entertainment Interior Rendering

Entertainment interior rendering refers to the visual representation of the interiors of entertainment units such as theaters, amusement parks, nightclubs, and gaming zones. These visualize the ambiance and facilitate communications on what to build and how to make an interior shine.

Corporate Interior Rendering

Corporate interior rendering showcases a realistic representation of the interior in a corporate space. It properly visualizes the atmosphere of a space making it easier to discuss budgets on redecorating. For example, these spaces include meeting rooms, auditoriums, seminar halls, and working spaces.

Exhibition and Museum Interior Rendering

Exhibition and Museum Interior Rendering produces realistic layouts of exhibition spaces such as exhibition halls, museums, and galleries. It facilitates flow, planning, communication, and design.


Designs and visual representations are a crucial part of any interior design process. However, understanding the timeline and budget is equally vital. Having a good understanding of the timeline and budget facilitates effective workflow, smooth communication, and efficient collaboration between you and your clients.

Customer satisfaction is our primary motto. So we communicate with you to understand what you have in mind, before delving into the project. Only after we are both 100% aligned on the required end result, we initiate the rendering process.

Time is money in the fast-paced world; we understand this and immensely value your time. Hence we offer our exemplary rendering service in a timeline of 5 business days.

Additionally, our 3D Interior rendering service is available at a very affordable price. Usually, a good service equals high rates. However, that is not the case with Blinqlab Direct. We provide the 3D Interior rendering service at the best price possible, without compromising on quality. Our services cater to you, looking for the best 3D rendering service.

Get premium 3D Interior rendering service without straining your pocket.

What sets our services apart from others?

Our commitment to excellence and unique features are designed just for you. We bring your vision to life using cutting-edge technology for an extraordinary project.

Choose us for your next interior impressions. Let us turn your vision into reality.

What sets us apart?

  • Personalized service tailored to your needs. We focus on making it uniquely yours. Your style and identity are at the core of our design approach.
  • Quality is our strength. Our experts deliver top-notch 3D rendering services for stunning JPG files perfect for websites, real estate portals, or brochures.
  • Transform sketches or photos into powerful marketing tools. Our realistic visuals are far from the ordinary, showcasing possibilities to potential buyers.

Blinqlab Direct is your trusted partner for transforming interior design ideas into immersive and realistic visualizations. Our dedication to personalized service, high-quality rendering, and advanced technology, ensures that each project reflects your vision in a unique way.

Let’s elevate your property’s appeal and marketing game with your vision and our expertise.


Frequently asked

What do we need to create your visualizations?

Just a sketch of the room or a photo and the exact viewpoint you want.

Turn-around time

A standard image will not take any longer than 5 business days.

Are corrections included?

We deliver high quality visualizations with a 100% check by our quality controllers. If we happen to make a mistake or interpret your instructions the wrong way we correct this quickly without any cost.

For additional change requests after delivering your images we charge an extra fee.

Have more questions?

Contact us

Picture Your Property's Potential. Sign Up for a 3D Makeover.

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