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Our Way of Working


How we work

Our whole workflow is based to deliver you high quality products within guaranteed service levels. We use a highly automated system for ordering, making remarks and to deliver your products.

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Our organization

Since 2009 we have served our customers with thousands of floor plans, visualizations and more. We provide all the ingredients for a high quality, complete real estate presentation. We deliver promptly at competitive rates. Over 50 professional drafters, visualizers and photo editors are ready to serve you on a daily basis.

Our head office is in The Netherlands and our production & sales facility is located in Nepal.
Allowing high quality products, delivered on time at competitive prices.

Your own online account

We have built our own online backoffice system with webshop. This means 24/7 ordering, communication and delivery via your own account. Because of the automated workflows everybody knows exactly what to do at any point in the process. Whether it is a draftsman who can start your floor plan or the office staff who should answer a question. Also all communication, external and internal, about your order is done in your account. That way it's all in one place.

Work flows

Work flows

We are committed to deliver high quality products within the agreed service levels to you so that you too can keep your promise to your customer. To be sure of this, we perform a 100% quality checks on all our products.

Furthermore we also monitor our service levels. Orders that are in danger of being late are flagged up in our system and will be handled with priority.


Frequently asked

How can I register for an account?

You can register for an account here:
After filling in the form we will contact you to discuss your personal requirements. After that we approve your account and you can start ordering.

Are you outsourcing to Nepal?

Yes the production is done in Nepal. But the office in Nepal is 100% ownership of the Dutch office. So they are our colleagues and 100% dedicated to your orders.

What are your business hours?

We work Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 – 18:00 NPT. This is 13:15 – 22:15 AEST and 23:15 – 8:15 EDT.

What are the payment possibilities?

You can pay via Stripe at no any extra cost.

Depending on your volume we ask you to pay directly when ordering or we send you a monthly invoice.

Have more questions?

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Any questions on how we can help you? Feel free to fill in the form and we’ll get in touch with you.