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Jan Kees van Mourik

Innovating Real Estate Marketing

Jan Kees van Mourik, Owner of Blinqlab Direct and an entrepreneur has lead his companies in providing innovative real estate marketing services. Driven by my passion for innovation, he likes to continuously seek for new practical innovative propositions that propel your business forward. He has been providing state-of-art real estate marketing services for you, allowing you to focus on your core business of selling and renting property. 

He has been successfully delivering photography, measurement reporting, floorplan and 3D rendering services for realtors, housing corporations and other property owners for over a decade. His experience and focus on what is the next big thing in the industry and dedication to excellence makes the Blinqlab Direct your trusted partner in navigating this dynamic environment. 

Expertise: Real Estate Marketing


Tilburg University

  • Drs, International Economics (1986 – 1992)

University of Exeter

  • MA, Economics of the European Community (1990 – 1991)
  • Graduated with Distinction


  • International origins: Under the leadership of Jan Kees van Mourik, Blinqlab started as an international, multi-cultural team specializing in floor plan drawings and 3D rendering.
  • Progress from initial stages: Starting in 2009 with Drafting Factory as a greenfield operation, Jan Kees has driven his company Blinqlab, to expand its reach to Europe, U.S. and Australia.
  • Expansion in The Netherlands: In response to changing market demands, Jan Kees played a crucial role in expanding both commercially and operationally by adding on-site property photography and measurement services to the existing off-site floorplan drawing and 3D rendering services.
  • Operational expansion in Nepal: Starting from Scratch, the operational heart of the organization is based in Kathmandu, Nepal. With a team of over 50 people, dedicated to post-processing images, drawing floor plans, and the creation of 3D renders.
  • Rebranding: On November 10th, 2016, with Jan Kees, the company underwent a significant rebranding and Drafting Factory became known as Blinqlab.
  • Process optimization and automation: With a clear focus on process optimization, Jan Kees has designed and implemented an in-house developed front- and back-office system. The backbone for the organization is to receive, deliver, and invoice orders. 
  • Innovative Solutions: Under the leadership of Jan Kees, Blinqlab has continuously provided and grown its innovative real estate marketing services and software solutions. Demonstrating the continued dedication and commitment of Jan Kees and his team to stay at the forefront of industry trends.
  • Socially responsible entrepreneurship: Blinqlab is proud to recruit without considering origin, caste, or sex. Providing a safe and stable working environment for all involved. 


Bringing 15 years of invaluable expertise in real estate marketing services, Jan Kees has extensive experience in innovating products & services. Starting from discovery as well as leading into growth and scaling. By applying and sustaining a design thinking approach within his teams, he ensures decisions are consistently challenged and backed up by data.