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Blinqlab team Nepal

Almost 10 years ago I was on a plane returning home after an amazing few weeks in the Himalayas. It turned out I was sitting next to Jan Kees. He was returning from a business trip to his new startup in Nepal. We started talking and 15 hours later, arriving at the luggage belt, I had a job and the adventure started.

In 2009 we started as a Drafting Factory. Which was our brand name as well at that time. A small office with 2 people in The Netherlands and an office with a few drafters in Nepal.
We started drafting floorplans for the Dutch real estate portal Funda. The real estate market in The Netherlands was in crisis back then, but that turned out to be an opportunity for us.

People were desperate to sell their house and were looking for ways to stand out in the listings.
So quickly we got the question for more than just floor plans.

That’s when we started with photography in The Netherlands as well. Within a short period of time, we started growing. Doing floor plans, visualizations, photography & video for an ever-growing market. The housing market is doing well now, but it is still important to make sure you’re at the top of the listings.

We quickly grew and nowadays we have more than 65 experienced drafters, editors and visualizers in our Nepal office.  In the Netherlands we also have a team of photographers and surveyors and an office for planning and customer support.

And that’s why we changed our name to Blinqlab in 2016. Better fitting the diversity of activities we perform.
Internationally we focus on floor plans, visualizations & 360 tours. These are services that easily can be done off site and in another time zone.
And because of the experience we have with our own real estate photographers and surveyors in The Netherlands and Belgium, we know exactly how to support you. As a real estate photographer or agent and also on how to  unburden you in your daily work. This way you can focus on what you do best and like most.

We understand the quality that is needed to satisfy your customers and that deadlines are there to be made. The cooperation between our Dutch & Nepali office ensures you of this.

These last 10 years I have been dividing my time living and working between The Netherlands and Nepal. Two countries that are opposites to each other in many ways. The flattest country and the country with the highest mountains in the world. The organized and sometimes over regulated Dutch culture and the chaotic but o so charming Nepali culture.  Together it creates the perfect balance within Blinqlab. Organized, personal and made to measure. Two teams operating as one. They just happen to be on opposite sites of the globe.

Celebrating our 10-year anniversary we proudly look back at what we accomplished with this team of almost a 100 experienced and specialized people.

But even more excited we look forward to what the future brings. Are you going to be part of this?

Jan Kees van Mourik

Jan Kees van Mourik, Owner of Blinqlab Direct and an entrepreneur has lead his companies in providing innovative real estate marketing services. He has been providing state-of-art real estate marketing services for real estate agents, property developers, photographers and others. Allowing them to focus on their core business of developing, selling and renting property.