Visualizing the design for the renovation of an outdated townhouse into a contemporary luxury home.

Show the potential

The project developer of this property wanted to show potential customers what it would look like to live in this luxureously renovated home. In order to sell it even before the rebuilding was finished.

We made an interactive 3D floor plan, photo realistic interior visualizations and a complete 360° tour with the visualizations and the floor plan combined. This way it gives a full overview on the home.

2D visualisations

Show the interior of the house. Use the images in your brochure or online.

360° tour

Combining the 360° visualizations and the floorplan into a 360° tour gives potential buyers the ultimate experience.
Here we added the floor plan as well. So the customer never gets lost during the tour.

It's a 24/7 online tour where people can experience the spaces and the layout of the house. It can also be viewed with the google cardboard.

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